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The SubstanceReviews app for Android is now available, free of charge, on Google Play.  It allows you to navigate much of the information available on this website.

Following up from our previous post, here are a few more of the screenshots from the app, as it would look on a Google Nexus 4 running Jelly Bean.


Main screen

The main screen is divided into 3 tabs: Brands, Goals, and Ingredients.  Since we showed you these tabs in our last post, we'll just focus on what's new for the release.


Popular Brands

We've added a Popular Brands item at the beginning in the Brands tab.  It allows you to quickly navigate to the respective brand pages.

Product search

We realized that the app wouldn't be too useful without a product search feature, so we made sure it's there. You can search for a product by a keyword in its name.

Product screen

Last time we gave you a sneak peek at the app; this time you get to see most of the rest.  Here is the main product screen, showing the image, description, and 3 of the possible 6 buttons.  The other buttons (not shown) are: Average Ratings, User Reviews, and Write a Review.  If there are no reviews, prices, side effects, or ingredients, then some of the buttons may be disabled or not present.

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