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Over the past several months, we have been quietly developing something that we hope many of you will find useful: an Android application that allows you to navigate much of the information available on this website. We took a look on Google Play (formerly called Android Market), and noticed a glaring lack of real supplement reviews apps. We wanted to be the first to come out with something truly useful.

We carefully weighed the options of developing a mobile or responsive website against a mobile app for iOS or Android. We figured that a dedicated app would offer a better experience for the mobile users, which have been growing proportionately in recent times. Since Android has been gaining significant global marketshare, even though there have been anecdotes of iOS perhaps being more popular in North America, it only made sense to create an Android application first.

The app is in the final stages of development and testing, and we expect that it will be released to Google Play some time in the near future.

Without further ado, let's take a sneak peek at some of the screens in this app.


Main screen

The main screen is divided into 3 tabs: Brands, Goals, and Ingredients.



The Brands tab allows you to find the brand that you may be interested in, either by clicking the initial letter and then scrolling through the list, or by entering a part of the name.



The Goals tab is one of the most interesting in the whole app, and mimics the functionality of the Supplement Explorer on this website. It allows you to hone in on a supplement on the basis of up to 3 goals that you may choose. Only those supplements with at least 3 ratings for that goal (effect) are included in the results. The results are shown in order of highest rating first, in the order in which you picked the goals.



The Ingredients tab is similar to the Brands tab, in that you can search by name. One difference is that some of the ingredients have children, or different forms of that ingredient. You may select either the main ingredient or one of the forms.

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