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K-Otic (All American EFX)

All American EFX has been researching pre-workout formulas for well over 2 years. We wanted to make darn sure we developed the very best product we could possibly offer. And one way to do that was to see exactly what we were up against. So we literally bought and used no less than 9 of the leading formulas and put them all to the test. Here's what we found...

These things are supposed to be about ENERGY. But we encountered 2 major issues with them. #1: We either lost energy during our training, which KILLED our intensity and power or #2: We suffered a severe post workout crash to the point where most of us didn't want to do jack for the rest of the day. Either way we wanted to AVOID both of these training killers at all cost.

The majority also gave us stomach aches, and some also produced what we called a "geranium hangover". To be fair, there were a couple of standouts in the mix. But we knew there had to be a way to slam something down, go "punish the iron" with maximum brutal intensity, and then leave the gym feeling like we'd really killed it that day. Isn't that why we put our bodies thru hell and back?

So we set out to fix what we saw as major flaws. Then, we dialed in the formula by innovating it with some pretty aggressive and innovative technologies. The end result is a product that promotes hardcore workouts!* You get everything you need in just one hyper-concentrated dose to go in and "Punish The Iron"!*

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Overall rating
Euphoria (1 rating)
Anxiety reduction (1 rating)
Motivation (1 rating)
Fat loss (2 ratings)
Texture (3 ratings)
Physical energy (55 ratings)
Muscle gain (1 rating)
Endurance (9 ratings)
Pump (48 ratings)
Aggression (1 rating)
Thermogenic effect (1 rating)
Vascularity (6 ratings)
Focus (34 ratings)
Strength (11 ratings)
Taste (71 ratings)
Mixes well (7 ratings)
Value for money (7 ratings)
Ingredient profile (2 ratings)
Reported side effects (adverse events)

Crash 10 users (10%)
Diarrhea 2 users (2%)
Excessive sweating 1 user (1%)
Gas or bloating 1 user (1%)
Headache 1 user (1%)
Jitters 3 users (3%)
Nausea or vomiting 3 users (3%)
Upset stomach 2 users (2%)
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Pump yet EFX got it spot on and made an actual good fruit punch that i looked forward too, plus the pumps and intensity are just as described, intense to say the least, my veins near exploded from my arms.
Vascularity yet EFX got it spot on and made an actual good fruit punch that i looked forward too, plus the pumps and intensity are just as described, intense to say the least, my veins near exploded from my arms.
Taste One of the greatest pre-workouts I have ever had the chance to taste, I first heard of this product through a sample I got from BB.com, i requested the sample because I heard good things and because its Flex Wheeler's brand.
Taste I got the fruit punch flavor and lets just say i requested the sample with every order I made while it lasted, i hate fruit punch in every form and
Taste yet with this product, i would recommend it to anyone looking for a workout carved from hell fire, looking for a push to get them through a plateu or just mix up there workout, it really is a good workout and plus i didn't know what to expect with this specific flavor i thought it may have been a bad choice since orange can be a tricky flavor to get,
Taste but it was much better than my highest expectation, it tastes like orange flavored candies i used to eat as a kid, brings back good memories and i like that, best tasting pre-workout that i've had, this product is a friggen way of life in its own sense, doesn't even taste like chemicals like you'd expect, tastes like sunny d in a way,

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