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Micellar Matrix (ISS Research)
Anti-Catabolic Protein Decreases Muscle Breakdown By 34%

Knowing Protein, ISS brings to the market what may be considered the most anti-catabolic protein formula bodybuilders and athletes across the world have seen yet - Micellar Matrix. Micellar Matrix deliver a slow, sustained release of amino acids into the blood stream dispersing over a seven hour period. This slow dispersion increases total protein synthesis and has been shown to decrease muscle breakdown by 34%.

Less muscle breakdown means more lean muscle.

The Key to Micellar Matrix. ISS Constructed the formula with what is considered by many experts to be the highest grade protein available - Micellar casein. Undenatured, the way nature intended it, Micellar casein contains a higher content of bioactive milk peptides which not only enhance muscle growth but modulates regulatory processes such as support for the immune system and proper digestion. Due to the lack of processing, the native micellar casein used in Micellar Matrix will not cause the cramping and bloating that is associated with highly processed, chemically altered, inferior proteins.

To Further enhance the effectiveness of Micellar Matrix, ISS has added: WPC, WPI & Egg Albumen to quickly stimulate protein synthesis until the amino acids from the Micellar casein enter the bloodstream: Glutamine Peptides & L-Glutamine to further protect your muscles from breakdown; and prebiotics to increase the bioavailability of minerals and promote intestinal health. Together, these ingredients help Micellar Matrix deliver a formula that not only increses new muscle growth, but preserves your existing muscle as well.

Micellar Matrix is 45% micellar casein and the other 55% comes from whey, casein and egg with added glutamine peptides!

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TASTE= Overall 9.25/10

1) With water(8oz) the flavoring is pretty good, a slight thicker than your typical whey shake, it's expected since there is at least 45 micellar casein. I can describe the flavor as a sweet banana flavor, no artificial/chemical aftertaste. 9/10

2) With milk(8oz) wow really thick I needed to add ~4oz more of milk to lower the sweetness. Micellar matrix had a pretty close taste to adding a real banana to milk, I added some almonds and awesome taste. The milk definitely makes it go up in taste, just like many other proteins. 9.5/10

MIXABILITY= Overall 8.5/10

1) Using 1 scoop with water(8oz) I need to give several swirls but keep in mind this is primarily a micellar casein product, which is expected. There were some very small clumps left, but I just ate those. 9/10

2) Using 1 scoop with milk(8oz) needed to add more milk for it to mix better, and took more swirls with spoon to mix, but expected since milk is thicker than water. I preferred to use the ultimate shaker for milk and a clump free experience. 8/10


Obviously this starts with a quality ingredient that is used in MRP's and nighttime protein's. The first ingredient is micellar casein (45%) in their blend, this type of protein is expensive and only second to hydrolyzed proteins. Also has a blend of whey concentrate, whey isolate and egg white, all good ingredients and no soy protein (which I don't care for).

You are definitely getting your money's worth at $26.98 for 35 servings at 25g of protein per scoop. Compare it with the competition, if not the lowest, one of lowest priced micellar casein(primarily) product out there.

You can use this as mentioned above, an MRP if you add some complex carbs and good fats. Add skim milk, peanut butter and 1 scoop of Micellar matrix, have a delicious pre-bed meal or use it for a breakfast shake. The flexibility of Micellar matrix is one of it's best attributes. I definitely see myself buying this product in the future and I recommend you try it.
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