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Zero Carb Protein (VPX)

If you want a super-potent protein that contains no bodyfat- promoting carbohydrates or fats, insist on Zero Carb® Protein!

Zero Carb® Protein: The most consistent and effective way to lose weight and unwanted bodyfat is by consuming a high protein/low carbohydrate diet (with moderate dietary fat intake). This is primarily due to the fact that protein has a spectacular three-phase assault on bodyfat: 1) protein causes the body to release a hormone that frees up stored body fat to be used as energy called glucagon, 2) protein builds muscle tissue and fat is burned inside of the muscle cell; consequently, more muscle equals greater fat burning capacity, and 3) to digest protein, the body has to expend a great deal of heat; this process is called the "thermic effect" of protein and results in the body burning additional calories even at rest.

While it is true that one of the keys to losing weight is to expend more calories than we consume, the most important secret for long term fat and weight loss is to control the hormone insulin. Insulin release is consistent with the amount and/or type of carbohydrates we consume. This hormone also causes our body to store fat and furthermore, can also prevent stored bodyfat from being utilized as energy. Additionally, insulin will cause unwanted weight gain and water retention. However, if we control insulin with a low carbohydrate diet, we can also control our weight and levels of bodyfat.

Zero Carb® Protein is the Carbohydrate-Free King of Proteins™ and can be utilized with any type of low carb diet available in today’s weight loss industry. Regardless of the name of the diet, many of the successful ones have been based on low carbohydrate/high protein supplement and food consumption. Protein is unquestionably the single most important nutrient for dramatically redefining and improving your physique and Zero Carb® is the highest quality fat-and-carbohydrate-free protein supplement available. Do what many of the greatest professional athletes, bodybuilders and movie stars have done and make Zero Carb® an integral part of your supplementation program today!

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Overall rating
Mixes well
Value for money
Taste: 10/10
Absolutely unique flavor, the first sip is sweet strawberry and then it becomes a tangy kiwi flavor. The balance is just perfect in my opinion.

This is the only flavor that reminds me of GF-pro's blueberry strong taste, the first time you taste it. Kiwi strawberry is very good at masking any protein aftertaste with just water. I almost feel like mixing it with some vodka.

Mixability: 9/10
Similar to GF pro in regarding its mixability, just needs a couple of more swirls with the spoon and it will dissolve.

Value: 10/10
At $13.99 per jug, this was a steal...keep in mind I bought it clearanced. I will buy it again in the 4.4lb container at regular price.

Overall: 10/10
I am giving this product a 10 overall due to the flavoring and I dont care if some people think flavoring is not that important. An ok protein in regards to flavor gets old in a month, thus why it's important you enjoy the taste to maintain consistency. I highly recommend kiwi-strawberry for anybody who likes a tangy-sweet flavor.
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