While some supplement companies are just hopping onto the blend bandwagon when it comes to protein powders, Met-Rx has been producing blends of fast- and slow-digesting protein for years. The company’s latest offering is MyoSynthesis Whey, a blend of dairy proteins intended to help keep amino acids fueling your muscles for hours. With 25 grams of protein per serving, MyoSynthesis Whey can be a great source of protein for any time of day, or to use as a base for a custom meal replacement shake or weight gainer. In addition to the protein blend – which can encourage a sustained period of muscle protein synthesis compared to one-source powders1 – MyoSynthesis Whey offers several other extras that make it a great value and a top choice when it comes to blends. Considering how crowded that market is now, this means that Met-Rx definitely has a winner on its hands.

The protein blend in MyoSynthesis is not as robust as some other powders which contain six or more protein sources, but it does cover a broad spectrum of digestion speeds nonetheless. The primary source of protein in MyoSynthesis is whey protein concentrate, followed by whey protein isolate and calcium caseinate. Again, not the most robust blend, but it gets the job done.

Although blends have been suggested to be beneficial for weight and fat loss on the theory that slower digesting proteins can be more filling than whey alone, MyoSynthesis seems more geared toward muscle gain, with 190 calories per serving. In this respect, MyoSynthesis borders on MRP territory, though it does contain more protein and fewer carbohydrates (10 grams per serving) than most of those offerings. Met-Rx does seem as though it intended to make this product a robust, well-rounded protein powder though, as each serving also contains 5 grams of fiber. MyoSynthesis is low in sugar as well, with just 1 gram per serving. And like many MRP products (Syntha-6, for example), MyoSynthesis contains medium chain triglycerides, which some research has indicated may help improve fat burning.2

MyoSynthesis offers more than just ingredients aimed at influencing body composition, though. The protein powder also includes several ingredients that seem geared more toward performance enhancement. These include creatine and an amino acid blend, although considering how ubiquitous those ingredients are in other supplements, it is probably unlikely that users of MyoSynthesis will replace other supplements with just this powder. However, their inclusion may have beneficial effects, and it’s unlikely most lifters will take issue with extra creatine or BCAAs.

MyoSynthesis is offered in both Chocolate and Vanilla, but it is likely the flavor range will expand as the product gains popularity. Met-Rx typically offers high-quality flavoring, so it’s unlikely that taste will be a turn off for the vast majority of users.



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