Transform+ (Genuine Health)

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Transform+ (Genuine Health)

transform+ gives you a full serving of research-proven greens+ that’s rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants, PLUS all-natural protein which leading research shows boosts metabolism, increases lean muscle and immunity.

Benefits of transform+ include:

• Helps fill your void for essential greens, due to its greens+ base
• Increases energy and vitality
• Provides a highly absorbable source of all-natural protein
• Increases metabolism, immunity and weight loss
• Low in calories, with little to no carbohydrates and fat
• All-natural ingredients, with no sugar or artificial sweeteners

To boost your energy and weight loss results, enjoy transform+ every day. Simply add to water or in juice, shake and enjoy.

Available in unflavoured, natural vanilla, strawberry and citrus vanilla (with Calcium) flavours

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Overall rating
Mixes well
Ingredient profile
mixibility is definately not a big issue with this product, seems to mix fine with both milk and water. I picked up this product initially cause it was on sale for 1, and 2, i am generally pretty religious about taking my berry and greens products in the morning as i know i dont get nearly enough from my daily diet.
figured that by picking this up i was taking out 2 birds with one stone. I kinda wish i didnt do that in hindsight. The flavor is pretty bad. you can tell they tried to flavor it strawberry naturally, cause theres barely a taste of strawberry. it just tastes like... green? it even mixes green which is off setting as it is.
from here on i will probably take away from the health profile by adding a scoop of nesquick to it lol. or find a strong flavor of strawberry elsewhere to mix with it
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