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Intrafuse (Neogenix)

IntraFuse™ is an advanced intraworkout nutrient timing system formulated with key ingredients to promote muscle growth, support endurance, enhance recovery, and delay mental fatigue.* It takes the most vital time your body needs nutrients, when you're training, and delivers a precise ratio of fast-acting hydrolyzed whey peptides, along with multiple co-active ergogenic compounds with potent anabolic and anti-catabolic properties.* This sends amino acids and designer nutrients surging through your bloodstream, saturating your muscles with a powerful combination of growth enhancing substances ideal for promoting gains in pure muscle and strength.*

The IntraFuse™ three-step nutrient timing system consists of:

Step 1 - Hydrolyzed Whey Peptide Matrix: Isolates a certain fraction of low molecular weight peptides from whey protein concentrate using a sequential enzymatic process. These enzymes cleave whole protein molecules into smaller chains of amino acids. Our resulting product is a whey protein hydrolysate with a high degree of hydrolysis (greater than 25%) yielding up to 70% di- and tri-peptides for rapid absorption, even more rapid then free form amino acids.* Once inside your body, it provides your muscles with the optimum sequence of vital amino acids necessary to support repair and recovery during and after strenuous exercise.*

Primary benefits of hydrolyzed whey peptides:

  • Provides the most rapidly absorbed form of protein available*
  • Stimulate protein synthesis and insulin release*
  • Raise glutathione levels to support healthy immune function*
  • Assist blood flow by reducing angiotensin-converting enzyme*
  • Promote fat loss by increasing muscle protein content*

Step 2 - Anabolic Response Matrix: Turns on a major anabolic pathway through mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) activation. Hormones and growth factors stimulate pathways that lead to phosphorylation of mTOR thereby activating it. The branched chain amino acid leucine and its metabolic intermediate ketoisocaproic acid calcium (KIC) enhance this phosphorylation too. This activates mTOR, turning on the anabolic machinery contained within the cell.* Once activated, protein synthesis is increased while protein breakdown is reduced leading to greater levels of anabolism.*

Additional benefits of leucine & KIC:

  • Support growth hormone.*
  • Promote energy metabolism.*
  • Enhance muscle recovery.*
  • Reduce mental fatigue.*

Step 3 - Cortisol Suspense Matrix: When cortisol is elevated, as happens during exercise, the catabolic hormone cortisol breaks down muscle proteins, suppresses protein synthesis and glucose transport, while possibly inhibiting muscle growth.* Both ascorbic acid and ginkgo biloba have been suggested to blunt these secretions, providing support to keep this unwanted hormone in check.*

Additional benefits of ascorbic acid & ginkgo biloba:

  • Provide antioxidant support*
  • Promote cognitive performance*
  • Support overall good health*

As you can see, IntraFuse™ provides the ideal combination of muscle-building ingredients required for proper intraworkout nutrition. Don't waste another workout training without IntraFuse™ because once you try it, you'll never train without it.

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Overall rating
Muscle gain
Mixes well
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Ingredient profile
I'm a big fan and believer of amino's during my workout, especially when cutting. Intrafuse is still relatively new, but i picked up a couple tubs when it first arrived on the market. The ingredient profile is pretty good providing hydrolysate protein and leucine+kic.
While cutting, i've been able to maintain most of my strength while using this. So i'd say its probably doing its job.
The mixibility is not a concern, mixes perfect every time.
Taste is alright. Nothing exceptional, i dont mind drinking it, but its nothing i get overly excited about having.
The smell of the powder though, i dont know what it is, but it smells like ass. i'm just glad it doesnt taste the same way.
its a good product, and has a reasonable price tag. give it a shot if you're looking for a change up with your intra drink
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