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Orotine (MAN)

For just a moment use your imagination. Create a picture of a legal and safe nutritional supplement that was so potent and so effective that it would allow you to surpass barriers in building strength, increasing stamina and lean body mass. It would be void of negative side effects and it would produce real results you could see and feel.

With the perfected infusion of knowledge and a little imagination, that vision is now the reality. MAN Sports proudly introduces you to The KING of CREATINES™ - OROTINE™ - a combination of two revolutionary performance and physique enhancing compounds in one - creatine orotate (creatine bound to orotic acid). As a result this form of creatine produces more dramatic increases in power, stamina and lean body mass than any form of creatine, in fact no form of creatine compares to OROTINE™ and we mean none! Don’t be fooled by the hype of so called soluble and ultra bioavailable forms of creatine. No single creatine compound on the market comes close to producing the dramatic effects of OROTINE™. OROTINE™ is The World’s Best Creatine! As a matter of fact MAN Sports creatine orotate is so effective at enhancing and replenishing energy it has even been used in studies to help with improving the condition, procurement and preservation of beating and non beating hearts for transplantation.

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Overall rating
Muscle gain
I decided to make the cross over and try something new apart from my regular creatine monohydrate. Constantly hearing nothing but good feedback on Orotine, i took the dive to try it out.
Only taking one serving per day (3g/4caps) and i am not dissapointed yet. My strength has been increasing steadily along with muscle size and definition. The best thing i have experienced, is unlike with monohydrate, i dont get bloated up after taking it, i still manage to maintain some amount of a lean cut look which at the end of the day is a HUGE plus. Not only this, but with monohydrate i get mad runs and find myself pissing every 15 mins a couple hours after taking it, this is something i dont experience with orotine, which is a big plus in my books
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