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Abyss G2 (Nimbus Nutrition) They have done it again. The guys over at Nimbus Nutrition keep coming up with ways to impress us all. Their latest development is meant to tackle an issue that all of us, especially the intense athlete, struggle with frequently Sleep...or actually the lack there of.

Nimbus Nutrition's newest product Abyss is another great development using the same principal that all of their supplements have been created with, Simple yet Synergistic. Nimbus has taken proven sleep producing compounds such as L-Tryptophan, GABA and Phenibut and combined them with key vitamin and mineral combinations such as Magnesium, Zinc, B-6 and the only active form of B-12 in the Central Nervous System and neurological pathways - Methycobalamin. Nimbus Nutrition has assembled these proven ingredients, in very specific proportions to create the ultimate sleep aid that will redefine the term "Deep Sleep". Welcome to the Abyss!

This 3 part sequence of; falling asleep, staying asleep and maximizing the benefits of REM during your sleep cycle, once again pushes the limits of supplement efficiency. The tremendous benefits are even amplified when you consider that Abyss requires no prescription and is inexpensive.

Nimbus Nutrition invites you to experience the kind of rest you've always "Dreamed" about. Dive into the peaceful, rejuvenating depths of the Abyss.


Rejuvenates the Central Nervous System
Maximizes the benefits of REM Sleep
Refreshed upon Waking
Fall Asleep Faster
Increased Mental Acuity
Improved Daily Vitality
Increased Anabolic Activity

Increase the effectiveness with this stack!


Abyss / Stoked Stack


1 x Nimbus Nutrition Abyss, 120 Capsules
1 x Anabolic Innovations Stoked, 120 Capsules

Price: $111.98 $71.99


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Overall rating
Anxiety reduction
Low side effects
Length of effects
Abyss G2 is the latest sleep aid from Nimbus, and it is definitely worth checking out. This melatonin-free product contains a number of nice sedatives and mood boosters, such as Theanine and Phenibut. I had very deep sleep on this and felt quite rested after only about six hours of sleep. I didn't feel very drowsy when I woke up either which was excellent. My only issue was that it took a while to fall asleep initially, which was annoying but not a deal-breaker.
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