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Vasolate (ThermoLife)

Decidedly Unbalanced with VASOLATE™: The World's First Vasodianabolic™ Protein Powder*

Balanced is standing still. Neither coming nor going. The absence of growth. Boredom. The orthodox. Unbalanced is moving forward. Momentum. Growth. Excitement. Unbalanced is VASOLATE™. The world's first vasodianabolic protein powder. Excessively decadent natural flavors. Abnormally fast absorbtion. Greater than 50% micellar casein.

From ThermoLife, the industry source of the highest-end body-building nutracologicals, comes VASOLATE™. A boldy unorthodox protein formula with intensely delicious taste and a decidedly unbalanced ingredient profile designed to condition your muscles with unstoppable vasodilatory and anabolic ambition. Fortified with the nitric oxide releasing, mTOR-stimulating amino acid, Leucine Nitrate. The first protein powder with casein encapsulated EFAs. And a highly leveraged 3:1 ratio of potassium to sodium.

VASOLATE™: Spraying round after round of amino acid bullets into your muscles. Every blood vessel dialting. Every muscle fiber inhaling. Grabbing catabolism by the throat and forcing it to the ground. Tying its arms behind its back. Anabolism climbing on top and rapidly ascending to the peak. All workouts ending in reward: Hypertrophy. Mass. Strength. Definition. Performance.

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Overall rating
Mixes well
Recovery ability
Value for money
I was extremely exited to try Vasolate. This beastly MRP features around 14g fat, 33g protein and 17g carbs depending on the flavor. The ingredient profile is top notch - first ingredient is Micellar casein, but it also has WPI, MCTs, Leucine nitrate, Creatine and L-Glutamine. Clearly, this is a well-designed product, great for an MRP or before-bed treat.


When I opened this up it smelled heavenly, a big whiff hit me in the face. Mixability was excellent considering it is predominately casein. The taste, however, was not what I was expecting - barely any Peanut Butter taste, mostly a rich chocolate flavor. This is pretty disappointing especially considering the price - it seems more like a plain chocolate than a CPB.


ThermoLife was not kidding when they named this one. The taste of this is insane, so rich, so creamy, and just the right amount of sweetness. I believe the guy who does XF's flavoring helped on this, and it shows. The mixability was perfect, managed to get the shake nice and thick with no foaminess and no clumps. This is excellent as "sludge" or pudding, because the flavor is spot on and delicious. While obscenely expensive, you do get what you pay for, not only in flavor but in the formula as well. EFAs, MCTs, Casein, Whey, Leucine Nitrate - this is what I would want if I were in chare of designing products.


Honestly, I cannot remember the last time I purchased a supplement that was plain chocolate when other flavors were available. Based on the deliciousness of the other Vasolate flavors, though, I wasn't worried. ThermoLife did not disappoint here - this is the richest, most delicious chocolate variety of protein I have ever had the pleasure of consuming. Even the texture makes this gourmet; if you opt to create a protein pudding my adding minimal water, you get a fluffy, light consistency not unlike whipped chocolate mousse. If you're looking for an MRP, make sure it is this one; you can't beat the flavor or the ingredient profile. Mostly casein, MCTs, EFAs, leucine, some whey for good The price is a bit high but so worth it.
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Thermogenic effect
Thermogenic effect Conclusion: I can't really compare vasolate to anything because I've never had cytosport muscle milk, Xtreme Formulations Ultra Peptide etc. Anyways thermolife products are always top-notch and this is no exception.
Taste Taste (Chocolate Cream) 10/10 Best supplement of any kind that I've ever had as a shake
Taste I find that when you freeze stuff it tastes slightly less sweet so if you really want a perfect ice cream vasolate treat you could add in a little sugar or sweetener
Taste although it still tastes amazing without adding anything.
Taste but I never drink milk so...) In my opinion it actually tastes better than regular chocolate ice cream BUT certain crazy chocolate flavours like the stuff at baskin robins are gonna be a little better tasting of course.
Taste (unhealthy though obviously) Taste (Chocolate peanut butter) 7.5/10 Good
Taste but nothing special, in my opinion it would taste MUCH better if it had a stronger chocolate taste with a weaker peanut butter taste.
Taste Even mixing one scoop of chocolate cream with one scoop of chocolate peanut butter I still thought the peanut butter taste was overpowering.
Taste Like I said it still tasted pretty good, just would give it a higher rating if I could actually taste the chocolate in the chocolate peanut butter... Taste ( Very vanilla) 7/10 for me
Taste Having said that, vanilla vasolate is the best tasting vanilla anything I have ever had.
Taste Taste (Satisfying strawberry) 7/10 for me
Taste This tasted good to me though, I would always pick chocolate or a chocolate variation over vanilla or any fruit flavors
Taste but I thought this strawberry vasolate was the best tasting strawberry supplement I've ever had.
Taste Taste (Banana bonanza) 7/10 or 9-10 for someone who likes banana flavoured supplements.
Taste I should note it didn't taste artificial unlike everything else banana flavoured ever made.
Value for money I bought a tub since lowered the price down to 28$ and I wanted to try it, as a treat.
Value for money It has leucine nitrates, miceller casein, creatine, really good fasts etc. Price: 8/10 Some people would rate it lower
Value for money but those are the same morons who are comparing the price to a normal protein concentrate when this product is way different.
Value for money I gave it a 8 out of 10 because it is a decent price for what you get.
Value for money I think it could be a little cheaper and/or come in a 5 or 10 pound bulk version.
Ingredient profile (unless I was rich) Profile: 10/10 You wanna see the profile, click the link.

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