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Purple InTrain (Controlled Labs) Designed to shine where other products fall short, Purple InTrain is the anabolic INTRA workout solution, but taking INTRA workout supplementation to the next level wasn´t easy. While amino acids are the king of building muscle, many also prefer a moderate amount of carbs during training because of the muscle sparing effect. Stored in the sarcoplasm of muscle fibers, muscle glycogen is short term energy storage we can take advantage of during a workout.

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Key attributes:

Hydrolyzed Whey and Free Form Amino Acids for optimal performance and growth
Active muscle glycogen enhancement
Exclusive herbal extract for carbohydrate shuttling
Fuel your training intensity
Potent vitamin and electrolyte complex designed for the serious athlete

Instead of just combining sugars and amino acids like so many products, Purple InTrain features designer carbohydrates, glycine, and banaba extract for dramatic muscle glycogen enhancement.... results you can SEE and FEEL ! CONTROLLED LABS didn´t stop there.... InTrain features both Hydrolyzed Whey and Free Form Amino Acids like leucine for optimal performance and growth, along with the ergogenic beta-alanine and potent b-vitamin delivery for endurance.

Experience Purple InTrain and discover what many already know..... CONTROLLED LABS delivers !

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Overall rating
Physical energy
Low side effects
Recovery ability
Mixes well
I'm not sure CL could have found a weirder name for this, although I guess it's accurate if nothing else as it is an intra-workout product. It has the usual suspects, leucine, beta alanine, etc for endurance but also has waxy maize and some whey. All in all, it's 5 grams of carbs and 4 grams of protein, so not really going to save your session if you have zero energy, but it does provide a little boost. Mixability wasn't the best, although the raspberry flavor was creamy and pretty delicious. One thing that I noticed a lot of other reviews mentioned, and I experienced personally, was cramps and stomach discomfort, which isn't really conducive to your workout. It wasn't gut-wrenching but it made me want some Tums, and didn't really help my focus. Perhaps this should have been called "Purple InPain."
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