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Xtreme Power Whey Complex (Bio-X)

Xtreme Power Whey Complex is formulated using a distinctive three tier protein matrix:

A 100% cross flow microfiltered and ultrafiltered whey protein concentrate

A 100% cross flow microfiltered, ultrafiltered and diafiltered whey protein isolate

An enzymatically hydrolyzed whey protein

Xtreme Power Whey Complex uses an exclusive filtration process to isolate the protein. This ensures that all of the vital whey fractions remain intact in the finished product and is formulated using the most advanced flavouring technology available to make an unbeatable taste!

Unlike our competitors' products, Xtreme Power Whey Complex is formulated without the use of any controversial sweetners (aspartame). At a lactose level of under 4.5%, Xtreme Power Whey Complex is easily tolerated by most individuals.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Whey?

Next to water, protein is the most predominant substance in the human body. Protein is required in the growth, maintenance and development of all body tissues including muscles, blood, skin, hair, nails, and internal organs (the heart and brain). In short, protein (whey) is essential for life.

What is Xtreme Power Whey?

Xtreme Power Whey is a whey protein that is isolated using a very gentle microfiltration, ultrafiltration, and diafiltration process to remove the unwanted components of whey (fat and lactose) and retain the vital components (the protein including all of its whey fractions).
Xtreme Power Whey contains a generous amount of all the essential amino acids. It is especially high in branched chain amino acids and the conditionally essential amino acid L-glutamine.

How is Xtreme Power Whey Different From Other Proteins?

Xtreme Power Whey is derived from a sweet dairy whey (many whey proteins are derived from acid whey). This means that Xtreme Power Whey is a non-denatured and complete whey protein supplement. Xtreme Power Whey's special isolation process yields...

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Overall rating
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Chocolate Peanut Swirl

So, after hearing about how this was supposed to be better than both UP2.0 and Isoflex, I finally bit, even though it was pretty expensive. Unfortunately, rumors of this protein's flavor are greatly exaggerated. I'm not sure why people are raving over this or comparing it to Butterfinger bars, but my guess is because they haven't actually had a REAL candy bar in so long they forgot how they taste. This is very average tasting, mostly chocolate flavor, barely a hint of peanut at all. The nutritional profile isn't that great for a whey, 2.5g fat and 4g carbs. This is basically an average whey that is way overpriced.
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