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Golden Gains (Controlled Labs) Now that you've made fitness a part of your lifestyle, treat yourself to Golden Gains after every workout. Formulated with precise amounts of protein, amino acids, healthy fats, and designer carbohydrates, we enhanced Golden Gains further by adding exclusive "super-nutrients" to help support the athletic lifestyle.

Key Attributes:

Premium ingredients
Postworkout or any time nutrition
Real Meal with Protein, Carbs, Healthy Fats and Fruits & Vegetables
98% sugar free
Prevent catabolism and achieve fitness goals
Support muscle glycogen and recovery
Convenient all in one formula
Great taste

The GoldPro protein complex delivers essential and branched chain amino acids so crucial for lean muscle tissue and recovery between workouts. Featuring both immediate and sustained proteins for constant assimilation, now you no longer need to choose between great taste, mixability, and value... get everything you need with Golden Gains.

The GoldCarb Complex, our exclusive carbohydrate blend, offers the best of both worlds with efficient premium highly processed waxy maize and natural oats for a CONTROLLED insulin response, and great taste, and a good dose of fiber. As a bonus, this formula may help optimize hormone ratios and combat toxins, post-workout crash, and adrenal fatigue.

The HealthyFat Complex is a blend of healthful fats that athletes consume to optimize performance. It has the potential to help optimize blood sugar levels, enhance cardiovascular health and scavenge free radicals.

The Fruit & Veggie Complex relies on 5,000mg of the best organic fruit and vegetables available. Other formulas rely almost strictly on macro nutrients and ignore the importance of micronutrients in a post workout setting (as well as all day), which is not the case with Golden Gains. Micronutrients are plentiful in fruits and vegetables and help form a solid nutritional foundation that is essential for muscle growth. This complex also helps to convert...
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Overall rating
Mixes well
Recovery ability
Value for money
This is a rare miss for CL. And what I mean by that is that Golden Gains is the worst tasting supplement I've had in recent memory. It tastes like they took Golden Finish and mixed it with something terrible to create some mutant, disgusting flavor. There was a slight fruitiness, but for some reason when I tasted this I sensed a strong presence of pureed vegetables, and not in a yummy V8-kinda way.

As for the nutritional profile - it's decent. Good mix of carbs and protein, relatively low in fat. Price is a killer though.
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