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440 g
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Poseidon (Nimbus Nutrition) Every once in awhile, a supplement company creates a product so effective with so many benefits, it earns a place in the daily routine of athletes
and fitness minded individuals. After years of research, we have created a product we believe will quickly become a staple in the health and fitness industry.
Nimbus Nutrition is proud to introduce Poseidon™.

Poseidon™ was created, using Patent Pending Technology, to give the user an increase in performance, not just in the gym, but in every area of life. This cutting
edge product offers a host of benefits including; improved strength, endurance, mental acuity, coordination and recovery time. So often we think of a sports nutrition
supplement as one that will pack on size and strength and/or help us shed unwanted body fat. While these are worthy goals, they are only pieces of the puzzle. When
looking to create a strong, healthy body, one must look at the whole picture.

Consider the fact that the human body is comprised of 70% water. Proper hydration, of every cell, is imperative to performance of any kind. Armed with that
knowledge, we asked ourselves, "What if we could create the perfect blend of electrolytes and attach them to other key, strategic and proven effective ingredients...all in effective doses...all that play a role in how we perform everyday?" We speculated that by doing this, not only would each ingredient work synergistically with the
other, but the attachment of electrolytes would actually increase the effectiveness of them all. We are no longer speculating. After more than a year of testing,
reformulating and testing some more, we are very proud to present a product that truly out performed our wildest expectations. Without further ado, I give you...Poseidon™.

To say Poseidon™ has numerous benefits is a gross understatement. This product was designed to benefit everybody from the Competitive bodybuilder to the stressed
out Wall Street Stock Broker. No...
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Overall rating
Mental energy
Physical energy
Immune system enhancer
Mixes well
I got a great deal when i picked up poseidon, gettin in the buy 2 get 1 free sale at bb.com. I picked it up after reading up on the benefits. It is a really good product to use while you are off of stimulants as the high dose of B-vitamins provide a great energy source. Also the poseidon complex gives you a pretty good array of ingredients that support and help improve your workout and performance.
The mental energy and focus was one of the biggest upsides, but the biggest upside in my opinion was that after a few weeks of usage, i noticed a great improvement in skin complexion and reduction in acne. For me, thats a huge bonus.

The only downsides i really experienced was that i didnt like mixing it in straight water as anything under 1L per scoop left an aftertaste (whereas mixed with something had no flavor)
Also, personally, if i exceeded 3 scoops in a short amount of time (4-5hrs) i would get some diarrhea, which was no fun.
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