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Aplodan (MuscleTech) Increase muscle fiber activation to support new muscle growth with Aplodan™ – A Clinically Engineered Muscle Fiber activator.*Researched at the world-renowned University of Milan, Aplodan is a cutting-edge advancement in musclebuilding technology.
This raw boost in musclebuilding strength forces more muscle fiber activation and triggers size gains.*

Engineered to target specific complex muscle energetic pathways within your body, the Aplodan™ complex may help to support muscle fibers – promote gains in muscle performance and size!*
Aplodan causes an overflow of new power to flood your muscle fibers, allowing for previously unattainable strength gains!* In a human clinical study conducted at the University of Milan, the results suggested the key ingredient in Aplodan may force an increase in muscle tension threshold.* Within just days, you’ll feel the multiple effects of more muscle fiber activation – boosts in raw power and greater workout intensity!*

When you flood your muscles with Aplodan's advanced musclebuilding complex, its powerful formula is infused into your system via rapid-release technology and begins to surround your skeletal muscle fibers.* Next, Aplodan is hyperdispersed across your skeletal muscle cell membranes where it is then saturated within your muscle fibers.* This is where Aplodan works. It begins by targeting specific muscle energetic pathways and subsequently hyperactivates the key muscle fibers involved in bodybuilding.* Chemically charged with substantial power, these fibers are now able to unleash unprecedented strength during your intense workouts – helping you ignite muscle growth!*

How does Aplodan work?
When you take Aplodan™, its powerful formula begins to surround your skeletal muscle tissue.* Next, Aplodan is transported across the skeletal muscle cell membrane where it can reach deep into the muscle fibers.* This is...
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Overall rating
Muscle gain
Low side effects
DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)
Though being fairly expensive, Aplodan worked out to be an amazing product for myself. It uses Creatinol-o-phosphate (COP) which is not the same as creatine which is a common misunderstanding.

i got them off the clearance rack so it was a decent price. it was amazing for strength and size development, i was pushing a little more weight every week or so while using it, truly felt like i could attribute a good chunk of my results to it.

also helps a great amount with a feeling of "fullness" my pumps were just better all around, and combining it with a basic creatine monohydrate only pushed my results forward.

only real side effect is the DOMS can really kick in sooner than you would expect
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