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Pure Muscle Carbs (Ultimate Nutrition) Any physical activity, but especially intense exercise, requires a recovery period. After high performance activity, the body recovers in three distinct phases. Rapid recovery phase begins immediately after the exercise and lasts roughly 30 minutes. In the phase, the metabolic rate returns to pre-exercise levels. It is followed by intermediate recovery phase, which lasts between 90 minutes to two hours. During this phase, the body begins to restore fluids by a process called rehydration. This is the most critical phase of recovery, which requires intake of carbohydrates. To facilitate rehydration, carbohydrates should be ingested as soon after an event or training session. Finally, in the longer phase of recovery, which can last from two to 20 hours, carbohydrate replenishment continues. It is during this longer phase recovery that the damage done to the muscle by heavy exercise is repaired.

Just as recovery and muscle repair both are important, carbohydrate ingestion ensures that event fatigue does not set in. Training and post-exercise nutrition are essential for consistent performance, but to prevent and delay event fatigue carbohydrate replenishment is equally important. This is achieved by high carbohydrate consumption in the days immediately preceding the event. This is also referred to as carbohydrate loading. Carbohydrate loading helps athletes to avoid "hitting the wall." Therefore, high carbohydrate regimen yields greatest benefits for endurance athletes. These athletes include long-distance swimmers, cross-country skiers, soccer players, long-distance runners (especially marathoners),, triathletes and, among others, long-distance bicyclists. In general, carbohydrate replenishment in most effective for any athletes who participates in an event lasting more than 90 minutes.

Ultimate Nutrition's Pure Muscle Carbs is specifically designed to help athletes recover from post-exercise strain and restore muscle strength and integrity quickly and...
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Ultimate Nutrition Pure Muscle Carbs is a cheap carb powder that you can take before or after your workout. Carbs taken before your workout are known to make your workouts better as your body uses them for energy. Carbs are also taken after your workout to refuel glycogen levels. I took two scoops in about 11 ounces of water. I mixed it with a spoon and it wasn't too bad. The only problem was that some powder settled at the bottom. The Fruit Punch taste was pretty good. I felt somewhat energized with carbs in my system as opposed to working out with none. This product is like 9 dollars and includes 23 servings. These are complex carbs and not simple carbs. I would recommend you try something like this first before more advanced carbs like waxy maize or vitargo.
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