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Kid Natural (Healthy 'N Fit) Kid Natural was developed to fill a special need. The founder of Healthy ´N Fit International, Robert J. Sepe, was asked the following question by his children (Robert Jr., 11 years old at the time, Tina, 8 and Joseph, 4). "Daddy, why doesn´t your company have a vitamin for kids?" While Healthy ´N Fit produces over 100 product formulations, sold in over 40 countries, the kids were right! Healthy ´N Fit didn´t have a children´s chewable. Mr. Sepe saw the great need for a product such as Kid Natural. After all, most of the kid´s vitamins out there were virtually junk; laden with sugar, artificial colors and flavors and quite incomplete and ineffective. Kid Natural is just a natural vitamin mineral formula; it is a complete nutritional system formulated to meed the nutritional needs of a growing body and mind. Kid Natural is for the "athlete´s kid or any kid who desires optimum health."
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