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Torrent Zero (Universal) Torrent Zero is a post-workout (PWO) recovery matrix packed with high quality protein, anti-catabolic aminos, cutting-edge creatines, all without the use of added carbs.* Torrent Zero's formula is designed to maximize the anabolic "window of opportunity" that exists after a hard training session.*

Dieting is rough. Eating clean, cardio and supersets galore. It takes a special breed to push on undeterred in the direction of your physique goals. Sacrifices have to be made. For some this might mean giving up strength on your big lifts or maybe feeling skinny in your favorite t-shirt. For others, the diet gets super strict, the morning cardio begins and the cheat meals go out the window.

To take the goal of leanness to the next level of extremity, many dedicated bodybuilders begin to restrict their carbs, some removing them even from their breakfast and post-workout meals, instances where hard training athletes typically load up on oatmeal, fruit and even on simple carb sources. During the post-workout period especially, bodybuilders attempt to replace glycogen, shuttle nutrients and spike their insulin creating an anabolic environment for muscle repair and new growth. To do so, they often utilize simple, "fast" carb sources like dextrose, maltodextrin and waxy maize. The result? They grow bigger and feel fuller. For the vast majority of lifters looking to get big, this is a simple, proven approach.

It was with this exact outcome in mind that Universal developed the original Torrent formula. Loaded with whey hydrosylate, 18 grams of anabolic actives and a whopping 52 grams of special carbs in the form of the Osmosulin Matrix, it is a veritable growth powerhouse and one that has gained quite a following among those in the know.* However, even the most ardent of the hardcore set's Torrent advocates often must make yet another sacrifice to the shredded gods in the name of leanness and give up their beloved Torrent. Until now.

Knowing precisely what...
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Watermelon Wave

It's amazing how many variations you can have on creatine products. Torrent Zero is yet another, except instead of dropping high levels of carbohydrates into the mix, it provides 20 g of protein per dose. Although this is intended as a PWO product, you could probably just use it any time you need a protein fix. It contains whey protein concentrate, added aminos, four types of creatine and R-ALA, which I really like. The Watermelon flavor is a nice change of pace, and it isn't overwhelmingly sweet. The mixability of this isn't ideal, as it tends to clump, but it's not a deal breaker. This is more expensive than you'd pay for regular WPC, but it does have an impressive list of ingredients, so it can be worth it.
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