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90 Capsules
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N1-T (Universal) It´s hard to gain and retain lean muscle mass. Muscle tissue requires a variety of nutrients and stimuli to grow and remain in the enlarged state. Eating and training at intense levels are the necessary components needed to put on this quality mass, but this will only allow you to come closer to your potential. If you want to realize your body´s potential you need to raise the level of testosterone in your body; the free testosterone to total testosterone ratio in particular. Free testosterone is what really matters when strength and size gains are your goal. N1-T is a potent pro testosterone formula that will help raise your free testosterone ratio.* It combines three boosters, tribulus, longjack and avena sativa, to help increase your total and free testosterone levels.* These aren´t the cheap and ineffective versions and dosages either.

Why Choose Universal Nutrition´s N1-T?

It Works: The ingredients that comprise our formula are of high quality. Our LongJack 400 Complex uses LJ-100, which supplies 22% EuryPeptides, 40% glyco saponins and 30% polysacharides, to increase free testosterone levels.* Human clinical trials suggest that this compound almost doubles testosterone and increases free testosterone (the testosterone level that is most important), decrease Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) (the compound that binds to testosterone to keep it in the unusable state), and increase IGF1 levels.* Our Test-Stim Complex includes a variety of ingredients that help to elevate both of your testosterone levels: free and total.* We use only the best tribulus that is standardized for 60% steroidal saponins as well as 20% protodioscin, which helps to elevate luteinizing hormone (LH).* LH, in turn, raises your total testosterone levels.* Our avena sativa is standardized for avenacosides A & B, and helps to break bound testosterone off of compounds that keep it from entering into free systemic circulation.* With this increase in both total and...
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