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Advanced Soy Protein (Universal) Whether you´re a serious athlete or not, you´re probably heard of the amazing benefits of using soy. Representing the next generation in high-yield water-washed isolates, Universal Nutrition has engineered our revolutionary new Advanced Soy Pro to provide you with the ultimate soy advantage. For the athlete, Advanced Soy Pro contains all the essential amino acids and the highest amounts of "critical cluster" aminos (BCAAs, glutamine & arginine) found anywhere--more than egg, milk and even whey protein!

To maximize the overall health benefits derived from soy, our Advanced Soy Pro is strictly water-washed to ensure the highest levels of isofalvones - isoflavones are highly soluable in alcohol and are lost in conventional alcohol-washed processing.

Soy Protein Pancake Recipe

3 Scoops of Soy Pro
3 Eggs
1 1/2 cups of water

Mix in a blender, and you have batter for 8 pancakes.

Advanced Soy Pro preserves the natural levels of isoflavones as found in the soybean itself. Each serving of Advanced Soy Pro provides up to 125mg of isoflavones. Mounting evidence suggests that regular soy intake can help promote cardiovascular health, boost the immune system, maintain healthy cholesterol levels, support healthy bones, and regulate hormones more effectively. If theres one company to should get your soy protein from its Universal, and that product is Advanced Soy Pro.
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