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Iso Mass Xtreme Gainer (Ultimate Nutrition) No longer is it necessary to buy all your supplements separate. Ultimate Nutrition is pleased to introduce our all-in-one protein supplement: IsoMass to "hard gainers" everywhere. IsoMass is the future of weight gainers. With a scientifically formulated carbohydrate to protein ratio of 16:13, IsoMass is designed for you to gain serious muscle mass without the added fat deposits.

A protein blend consisting of multiple sources of protein is superior to any single-protein source, including whey, for sustained time-release nutritional support. A more complete source of protein means you'll enjoy faster lean muscle gains and quicker recovery after workouts. Time-Release means continuous protein nourishment of your muscles throughout the day and also before bedtime when your body works it's hardest to recover.

IsoMass Xtreme Gainer, in addition to other nutritious meals and exercise, provide the body with all the protein and calories needed for optimal muscle growth. The delicious shakes are packed with more than just amino acids. Carbohydrates provide the body with the much-needed material to restore muscle glycogen that has been used up during exercise. They also promote recovery and growth to aid in gaining muscle mass. Added fiber delays the digestion of the carbohydrates, which helps with dreaded insulin spikes.

Creatine, when taken before and after a workout, helps transport water, carbohydrates and amino acids into muscles to increase energy, aid in recovery and increase muscle growth. One of the most notable of those amino acids is glutamine. Glutamine is highly in demand throughout the body. It plays a very important role in protein metabolism, and enhances recovery and growth. When supplemented, it may help body builders reduce muscle deterioration that occurs from glutamine depletion in muscle cells.

This formula also contains EFA rich oils, also known as healthy fats. These fats help to preserve muscle mass and immune function during...
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