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Super Amino 2000 (Ultimate Nutrition) The "original" amino 2000 formula is now better than ever. Each Super Whey Amino 2000 tablet contains: 2000mg of Ultimate Nutrition's exclusive, specially processed 100% Natural Enzymatic Digest of Whey Protein Isolate. Our true enzymatic digest yields an Amino Nitrogen of 2.5 and a Total Nitrogen of 13.2. Enzymatically digested (by food grade enzymes) whey protein isolate increases protein digestibility and improves amino acid absorption for greater assimilation by your body. Many of our competitors sell only protein (not enzymatically digested) tablets, disguised as aminos. A quick test is to bite into the tablet, if it bland, it is more likely to be just a protein tab. A true enzymatically digested tablet such as Ultimate Nutrition's Super Whey Amino 2000 is bitter to taste. Go with a name and company you can trust, Ultimate Nutrition.

Amino acids are essential to the human body. Bodybuilders can especially benefit from
supplementing amino acids because they aid in repair, growth, and development of muscle tissue.
The body, through assimilation of amino acids, produces over 50,000 proteins and over 15,000

Amino acids are not only responsible for the production of all the body's enzymes
(including digestive enzymes), but they also play a key role in normalizing moods, concentration,
aggression, attention, and sleep.

After protein is consumed, it is broken down into amino acids. Then, individual amino acids are used to create necessary body proteins and enzymes.
Digestive enzymes break down the proteins a person consumes into amino acids.
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