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Protein Plus Bar (Met-Rx) Athletes, anyone pursuing a high protein diet and active people from all walks of life require a higher protein intake than the average person - and the new PROTEIN PLUS food bar is the best tasting, most convenient way to get that extra protein. PROTEIN PLUS bar delivers almost twice the protein per gram compared to most other bars, and it's easily digested and absorbed for faster, more effective lean muscle growth and body fat loss. Each bar contains 34 grams of high quality METAMYOSYN enhanced protein-the exclusive protein formulation that is a fundentamental ingredient in other MET-Rx products.

The Protein You Need Without Unwanted Carbohydrates

Scientic research reveals that high carbohydrate diets - once considered the effective fuel source - is instead a major cause of unwanted fat. Incorporating the PROTEIN PLUS bar into your diet is the perfect way to increase your protein intake without loading up on unwanted carbohydrates to help build muscle instead of adding fat. Each Protein Plus Bar has:

32 grams of protein per bar

Only 32 grams of carbohydrates per bar

85 grams per bar

0g Trans Fat

Enriched with 21 vitamins and minerals

No added sucrose or fructose - Concentrated sugars that are converted to fat

METAMYOSYN enhanced protein provides slower mobility for better protein functionality

Protein Plus bars utilize an innovative process to stay light, moist and fluffy - unlike most protein bars which can become hard, brittle and dry.

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Overall rating
Suppressed appetite
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[Admin: This review applies to the Chocolate Chocolate Chunk variety.]

I must say this is the TINIEST protein bar I have ever come across, seriously measuring about two inches long. Of course, it's only 180 cals, but it does manage to pack in 19 grams of protein, so you can't complain that much. It tasted pretty good, definitely chocolatey, but nothing gourmet, probably because it only contains one gram of sugar. Pretty cheap though, gets the job done if you're in between meals.

Chocolate Roasted Peanut Flavor

This flavor is much better than the Chocolate Chunk, tastes very much like a candy bar with a great chocolate taste combined with some peanut and caramel infusion. The nutritional information is the same as the Chocolate Chunk flavor and this one is very small as well, but you'll definitely want to make it last.
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