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Super Gainers Fuel Pro (Twinlab) While other products deliver the calories, we take a more scientific approach so that you gain muscle mass, not fat. Super Gainers Fuel Pro has been specifically formulated to the ratio of carbs/fat/protein used by professional body builders. This ultra advanced weight gain formula consists of only the highest quality protein from 100% whey sources, delivering this muscle boosting nutrient in its most bioavailable and digestible form. Rich in complex carbs, we´ve included high performance fat from MCT oil which increases energy and reduces muscle breakdown. Add a superior amino acid profile and increased antioxidant levels for enhanced recovery, and you´ve got the right combination to maximize your muscle growth.

Product: a muscle cell volumizing formula, rich in complex carbohydrates, plus high biological-quality whey protein (100 g), creatine monohydrate and chromium picolinate.
Result: maximizes anabolic drive and lean muscle mass by increasing muscle protein synthesis and preventing muscle protein breakdown, all without stomach upset.
Science: clinical studies suggest the anti-catabolic synergism of carbohydrate-protein mixtures is more effective for post-exercise glycogen replenishment than carbohydrates alone. Super Gainers Fuel muscle cell volumizing formula taken after weight-training exercise can provide a cellular hydration state in muscle and a hormonal environment during recovery that, preliminary studies suggest, may be favorable to protein synthesis and muscle growth.

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Format Serving size Servings per container  
10.3 lb 3 Scoops (498 g) 7

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10.3 lb
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10.3 lb
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10.3 lb
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$7.68 $53.73

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