Mega L-Carnitine (Twinlab)

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Mega L-Carnitine (Twinlab) L-Carnitine in a concentrated liquid form is the original and most popular L-Carnitine dosage form available in most European countries and around the world. We have the guaranteed lowest price!

High PotencyFast ActingGreat Tasting

L-Carnitine is primarily involved with transporting long-chain fatty acids from the cell cytosol into the
mitochondria. Since long chain fatty acids are oxidized (burned) in the mitochondria, L- Carnitine facilitates
production of energy from fat. Oxidation (combining with oxygen) of the BCAAs is facilitated by L- Carnitine,
providing a link between protein catabolism and cellular energy. Skeletal muscle contains 90% of total body
carnitine in humans.

L-Carnitine's Function during Aerobic Exercise: Helps Increase Fat Metabolism
Increases Endurance Improves Definition Increases Utilization of Fatty Acids as Energy Decreases
Lactate Build Up

CANADA CUSTOMER NOTICE: Supplements containing L-carnitine can NOT be shipped to Canada due to Canadian laws. Customers in other countries need to check with their local laws.

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Format Serving size Servings per container  
12 fl oz 1 Tablespoon (15 ml) 24
60 tabs 1 tablet (500 mg) 60
90 tabs 1 tablet (500 mg) 90

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