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PUMP-BOL (ThermoLife) PUMP-BOL is Thermolife's Single Most Powerful "Pre-Workout" Nitric Oxide Formula.
How can this be? Because it is MORE than a pre-workout.

PUMP-BOL promotes explosive performance enhancement during your training, and then does something more.* It continues providing support to keep you PUMPED and build REAL muscle well AFTER your workout is done.*

Pre-Workout Performance Enhancement.*

Powerful results hinge on powerful pre-workout performance enhancement. That's why PUMP-BOL is designed to promote massive muscular PUMPS.* It's designed to increase your time to exhaustion and support the oxygen needs of your muscles to smash through one brutal set after another.* And, it does so without any catabolic stimulants. The end result is REAL muscle and REAL power support forged from REAL pre-workout performance enhancement.*

Upgrade Your PUMP with POWER-BOL.

PUMP-BOL is also offered in an exclusive Performance Upgrade Package featuring POWER-BOL - an ambitiously bold and electrifying new stimulant specifically designed to work with PUMP-BOL.* No insane vaso-constriction. Just raw, pump-magnifying, feel good energy!*

More Than a "cosmetic" pump.

Provide support to absorb, force, and squeeze more oxygen, more glycogen, more electrolytes, more carnosine, more nitrogen, more mitochondria, more muscle building nutrients, and more creatine, inside every last muscle cell.*

Powerful Mass Building Pumps, Long After You Leave the Gym!*

PUMP-BOL continues to work long after your workout is over.* To build mass, a real pump must be sustained for SEVERAL hours, not two. That's why some of today's biggest, baddest, and toughest athletes rely on PUMP-BOL for bad-@$$ results!*

What makes PUMP-BOL so Powerful?

To start, PUMP-BOL is more than a pre-workout thanks to nitrates.
By now you know that nitric oxide (NO) is a powerful cell-signaling molecule necessary to dilate blood vessels, increase blood flow, and enhance the...
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I'm really not into pump-only supplements, but I thought Pump-Bol might be the exception because of all of the hype and extremely positive reviews. Whether those reviews were just attempts to flatter the company or not remains to be seen, but I wasn't particularly blow away with P-Bol. The taste is above average, not phenomenal. The mixability is solid and the ingredient profile - with beta alanine, creatine, nitrates, etc - is pretty solid as well, no stims in this one. As you might expect, this isn't going to give you a burst of energy, but that shouldn't mean it can't provide some strength and endurance increases. However, I've yet to experience these in any significant way, and the pumps have been average, not eight hours long. Your results may vary, but I have yet to find this very impressive.
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