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Omnibolic (Supreme Sports Enhancements) Omnibolic: Pro-Anabolic Myotrophic Compound

Lean Muscle Mass
Increased Strength
Increased Endurance
Enhanced Muscle Definition and Hardness
Non-Toxic & Side-Effect Free

Omnibolic is a compound that has been clinically demonstrated to increase protein synthesis at the cellular level while increasing nitrogen retention, promoting a rapid accumulation of lean muscle tissue and drastic increases in strength and endurance. Omnibolic features Ecdybolan™, an extremely powerful and highly unique Ecdysterone extract, standardized for the biologically active Ecdysteroid compounds responsible for producing an anabolic effect. Omnibolic is the ULTIMATE Non-Hormonal Anabolic!

The Absolute Anabolic Power of Ecdybolan™

Ecdybolan™ is 100% PURE Ecdysterone extract, standardized to contain the scientifically proven ratios of Ecdysteroids, 60% 20-Hydroxyecdysone, 40% Ecdysones. This extract will produce a substantial anabolic effect, without having any effect on the body's natural hormone production. Ecdysterone has been tested for its effects on work capacity, immune function, lean body mass and fat loss, among other variables in a number of scientific studies. The scientififc research concludes that Ecdysterone supplementation increases muscle mass and athletic performance! Results were further improved when ecdysterone was consumed with protein.

Increase Protein Synthesis

Studies conducted in the Soviet Union in 1988 suggested ecdysterone helps "increase hepatic protein synthesis and subsequently promote positive nitrogen balance". How does this lead to more muscle mass? Simply: "the more nitrogen your body maintains and the greater rate of protein synthesis, the more mass, period." How, exactly, does ecdysterone do this? V. Smetanin, researcher of the Smolenk State Medical Institute in Russia speculates that ecdysterone decreases urea concentration in the body and increases hemoglobin levels by increasing a process...
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Overall rating
Fat loss
Muscle gain
Low side effects
Value for money
I'm writing this rather long overdue review of Omnibolic, which I tried a while ago.

I bought this product on the basis of several reviews I read on, hoping that even if it doesn't work for me, at least I can put up a review of my experiences with it. I also checked the page for it,

The label on the bottle makes several bold claims, most prominently "Omnibolic will produce significant and immediate increases in protein synthesis and nitrogen retention, resulting in a rapid accumulation of lean muscle mass and strength." Wow, they make it sound like it's comparable to AAS.

The marketing blurb also makes claims of increased endurance, and "enhanced muscle definition and hardness", which really translates to fat loss. touts that there is some promising evidence for its anabolic properties in the form of in vitro studies on human muscle fibre, and in numerous animal models. However, the site also notes that for scientific evidence of the effects on lean mass and power output, there is "no difference between improvements in power output between ecdysteroids and placebo."

I approached this with a totally open mind, not expecting anything great, nor that it would be a failure. Well, I can tell you without a doubt, that for me this product did absolutely NOTHING. Nada. Nothing positive, nothing negative. Which is why it gets the top score for "low side effects," though the lowest score for everything else, unfortunately.

My take is don't waste your money on this. For me, personally at least, ecdysteroids/Ecdybolan/ecdysterone is totally ineffective.
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