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90 Tablets
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90 Tablets
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Men's Life Force Multiple (Source Naturals) Men´s Life Force Multiple is the the only men´s multiple formulated using the SystemiCare approach to health care. SystemiCare is a new paradigm in health care: scientifically advanced formulas designed to keep your body´s systems balanced and healthy. Source Naturals has identified 12 deep metabolic systems that are crucial for optimal health. By supporting these systems with scientifically researched nutrients, herbs and high-potency special ingredients, you can take profound steps to support your well-being. Men´s Life Force Multiple is a Bio-Aligned formula that address all 12 of the deep dozen SystemiCare systems identified by Source Naturals as critical for optimal well-being: Energy, Cells/DNA, Antioxidant Defense, Sugar Regulation, Metabolism/Hormones, Liver/Detox, Circulation, Cognition/Nerves, Immunity, Digestion, and Structure/Mobility.

Men´s Life Force Multiple Highlights

A scientifically advanced, Bio-Aligned formula, based on award-winning Life Force Multiple.
Additional ingredients address men´s specific health concerns, including prostate function, hormonal regulation, sexual health, and more.
Designed to meet the nutritional needs of men of all ages.
Delivers cellular energy to your deep dozen SystemiCare metabolic systems.

The secret to guarding your health is strengthening and balancing the underlying body systems that are the foundation of good health. Mens Life Force Multiple is based on Source Naturals´ award-winning Life Force Multiple, which does just that. Life Force Multiple contains an amazing 47 ingredients " vitamins, minerals, herbs and special ingredients" to address all your key body systems! To this foundational nutrition, Men´s Life Force Multiple adds specific ingredients to benefit men. For example,

Saw palmetto, pygeum, Swedish flower pollen and pumpkin seed for prostate function (Metabolism/Hormones)
Ashwagandha, damiana, oat straw, and panax ginseng for...
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