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ZMA Nightcap (SNAC) ZMA Nightcap was developed for people who prefer a small fast acting 4 to 6 ounce glass of a delicious tasting drink before bedtime, instead of a capsule form of their favorite ZMA Anabolic Mineral Support Formula. This innovative new form of ZMA is the quickest method of delivery of the original "Grow as you Sleep" formulation. ZMA is a new sports performance product that has been clinically suggested to promote anabolic hormone levels and muscle strength in trained athletes (1,2).* ZMA is the first "nighttime anabolic formula" developed specifically to support recovery by optimizing sleep efficiency.* Many athletes fail to realize how important it is to get a deep and restful sleep. Anabolic hormone production and muscle growth are maximized during sleep, so quality sleep is extremely important to athletes.

ZMA is an advanced formulation designed to promote strength, endurance, recovery, and growth.* Through an extensive search of worldwide medical research data, we discovered that rigorous exercise and stress result in the losses of zinc and magnesium.* ZMA was designed based upon the biochemical testing and performance monitoring of many world class Olympic and professional athletes. Many 1988, 1992, 1996 and 2000 U.S. Olympic medalists achieved their success utilizing the ingredients in ZMA.*

Does exercise effect sleep?

Studies involving the effects of different types and duration of exercise on sleep efficiency have yielded conflicting results. However, in a study of the effects of power exercise on the sleep of a group of trained power lifters, the tendency was for this type of more strenuous exercise to affect sleep adversely (3).* Excessive training has also been reported to cause sleep disturbances as well as mood changes, and the sleep disruption was greater at higher training volumes (4).* In addition, long duration daytime exercise of moderate intensity has been shown to decrease GH and testosterone production during nighttime sleep...
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