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12 Bars
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Myoplex Lite Bar (EAS) Myoplex Lite Bars won the 2005 Protein Bar Of The Year Award! The new Myoplex Lite Performance Nutrition Bar has been scientifically formulated to support your body's requirements for quality nutrients, day in and day out. Each bar helps support stable energy levels by providing complex and simple carbohydrates, high-quality protein for muscle recovery after exercise as well as 22 vitamins and minerals, which help reinforce your body's ability to maintain optimal health and may maximize results from intense exercise.
Myoplex bars are based on the best-selling Myoplex Lite! Learn more about it.

Questions and Answers

What is the Myoplex Lite Nutrition bar?
This bar has almost half the fat and calories of the Myoplex Deluxe Bar. This bar gives you quick nutrition when you're on the go, and it is scientifically formulated to support your body's requirements for quality nutrients. Each bar provides complex and simple carbohydrates for stable energy levels, high-quality protein for muscle recovery, and 22 vitamins and minerals.

How do Results for Women Complete Energy Bars compare with Myoplex Lite Bars?
These bars are similar in nutritional profile including calorie content, carbohydrate, fat, calcium, and sodium content. However, EAS researchers designed Myoplex Lite Bars for fitness enthusiasts who participate in more rigorous training programs. As such, these bars contain more protein, especially more whey protein, which is high in branched chain amino acids (BCAAs). BCAAs are important for hard-training athletes since BCAAs make up 1/3 of muscle tissue, yet are catabolized readily in times of stress (such as exercise).

On the Myoplex Lite Peanut Caramel Crisp Bars, why does it appear that the calories from the protein, carbs, and fat do not add up to the total calories listed on the label?
The FDA calculates food product labels using approved computer systems, which rounds values of each ingredient (both macronutrients and micronutrients). These...
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Suppressed appetite
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Cinnamon Roll Crisp

Main protein source as soy put me off, but I tried this as I was given a free bar. First thoughts on profile were bad, even though this bar is loaded with sugars, corn syrups, and HFCS I tried it anyway.

Opening it, smelled great, like a extra-sugary packet of cinnamon oatmeal. Tasting, not bad, not very cinnamony though, sweet 'yogurt-ish' bottom. Very comparable to your average "Chewy Yogurt Bar" (ex. Quaker). But RIDICULOUSLY sweet. I could not finish the whole thing. It was so sweet it made my jaw ache and teeth hurt actually.

Besides the fact that there were ~twice as many carbs as protein in this bar (only 15g protein) with a good chunk being sugars, the biggest flop was in fact the taste and the sweetness-related "side effects"

Price is not great for what it is. If it were not as sweet, the bar's flavor would be ok, so the flavor itself is maybe a 3 out of 5. Would not recommend to anyone looking for a protein bar (certainly not a healthy one) and would definitely not purchase.

EAS needs to step up their game a bit IMO. It is marketed as a nutritional bar, but I've seen chocolate bars in the candy aisle with better nutrition than this. But it really exposes what market they are selling to.
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Overall rating
Value for money
EAS Myoplex Lite bars are actually really good. not a big fan of EAS because they just are not advertised as much and have a higher price at my local shops in comparison to similar products. The Lite bars were on sale the other day so i picked up a few of the cinnamon roll flavor boxes for about $11 per 12/bar box. Pretty good deal for protein bars in my opinion.
The taste is great, i wish i could live off of these right now. The macros are great with 15g of protein at 190 calories, i find it perfect for my pre-workout snack when i workout at school if i dont have access to a full blown meal (which i usually dont).
so basically, if you find a good deal, get it
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