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24 Bars
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Vega Sport Performance Optimizer (Sequel Naturals) Providing sustaining energy, enhanced mental focus and increased aerobic and anaerobic capacity, Vega Sport Performance Optimizer beverage also replenishes electrolytes, and assists recovery. Sporting a synergistic array of organic plant-based ingredients and free of common allergens such as gluten, dairy and soy, Vega Sport Performance Optimizer will help take you to the next level, safely and naturally.

Vega Sport Performance Optimizer was formulated by Brendan Brazier, professional Ironman triathlete and bestselling author, to significantly enhance physical and mental performance for anyone seeking athletic improvement.

Vega Sport Performance Optimizer provides a complete array of key performance enhancing benefits including:

Sustaining energy
Increases endurance, aerobic and anaerobic capacity
Enhances mental focus and motor performance
Reduces stress and enhances immune system function
Replenishes electrolytes lost during exercise
Improves body composition and reduces body fat
Supports healthy weight management

Purpose-Driven Ingredients: What's in Vega Sport Performance Optimizer?

Every ingredient in Vega Sport Performance Optimizer beverage mix is purpose-driven and complementary, each playing an important individual role in enhancing a specific aspect of performance. Yet, when combined, the ingredients work synergistically to boost performance more significantly than the sum of the individual parts.

Coconut Oil

Prized for its rich, natural source of medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), coconut oil is a raw healthy fat, which does not require digestion prior to its energy-boosting effect. Coconut oil goes straight to the liver to provide near-instant fuel and helps the body access and burn body fat as fuel to improve body composition.


A popular health elixir in Asia, kombucha is a fermented tea, rich in organic acids, active enzymes, amino acids,and antioxidants. It acts as a natural muscle relaxant, helping...
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Taste (35 ratings)
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Ingredient profile (7 ratings)
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Difficulty sleeping 1 user (2%)
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