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Harvest Dipped (PowerBar) Sometimes a quick and nutritious kick start is just what you need to hit the ground running. So grab a PowerBar Harvest® energy bar. It´s got the same energy and nutrition that powers world class athletes, but that´s not all. Each of PowerBar Harvest® bar´s ten great flavors is loaded with whole grains and real fruit, chocolate, or peanuts. And each delicious bite is sweetened with natural sweeteners like honey and fruit juice.

PowerBar Harvest® energy bar is a moist and crunchy handful of delicious nutrition and delivers an impressive, balanced array of nutrients and contains nothing artificial - no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives:

45 grams of carbohydrates, 2-4 grams of fiber and 7 grams of protein

10 essential vitamins, including 100% RDI of antioxidant vitamins C & E

15% RDI of 6 key minerals.

Anytime is a great time to kick start your day!

Sure, PowerBar Harvest® bar is perfect in the morning, but it also works great as a nutritious snack to help keep you at your peak throughout the day. Stash some in your glove compartment, desk drawer, briefcase, backpack, wherever! PowerBar Harvest® bar will be there whenever you need some great-tasting energy to put some "kick" back in your day.
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Overall rating
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Double Chocolate

PowerBar Harvest Dipped bars aren't your traditional protein bar, as they only contain 10 grams of protein per 250 calories, and that protein primarily comes from soy. However, if you are looking for a pre-workout energy source, this can be preferable to other options, as it contains 42 grams of carbohydrates, with oats being the main ingredient. However, it is high in sugar, with 21 grams, although that can be an advantage. As far as general health goes, this can also be a suitable choice, with 5 grams of fiber per bar. The best aspect, by far, is the great taste of these bars. Great chocolate taste and a crunchy but not overly chewy texture. Hate on them all you want, but the soy crisps really make this bar. And of course, the vitamins and minerals are an added bonus. This doesn't provide a massive boost of energy but it has definite potential to perk you up.
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