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Gainer Matrix (ISS Research) Putting on size in the past has been a battle. But that is about to change! Gainer Matrix provides a unique protein matrix that supplies your muscles with growth promoting amino acids for hours. And unlike other gainers whose sugar content is nearly 50% of the total carbohydrate available, Gainer Matrix has only 15 grams of sugar per serving.

Gainer Matrix is the gainer of choice for individuals who are serious about packing on pounds of muscle. Available in three delicious flavors: Chocolate, Strawberry & Vanilla.

Ignite Muscle Growth

Gainer Matrix provides 60 grams of a unique protein matrix per serving. This unique protein matrix, consisting of whey, milk, and egg, is designed to provide continuous influx of amino acids to your muscles. Whey protein, a fast acting protein, rushes amino acids to your muscles, helping to jump start the muscle building process. Milk protein, on the other hand, steadily releases amino acids over a period of hours. This steady release is the reason why milk protein has been shown to increase anabolism (muscle growth) while decreasing catabolism (muscle breakdown). Egg Albumen, nature's most perfect form of protein, link the protein matrix together, resulting in a steady release of amino acids that will help repair and build your muscles for hours.

Growth Surge

Gainer Matrix can be used anytime you need a high calorie, high protein meal however to further accelerate gains, use Gainer Matrix within 1 hour following your workout to take advantage of this tremendous growth opportunity. And unlike other gainers whose sugar content is nearly 50% of the total carbohydrates available, Gainer Matrix has only 15 grams of sugar per serving.


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I was always a fan of the Matrix growing up. Trench coat, killer shades and a whole lot of guns...yeah, that was me as a kid. Years later, I figure any weight gainer with "Matrix" attached must surely be good.

Taste - Cinnamon Oatmeal. A flavor which many of us have likely experienced far too many times, but this still manages to be enjoyable in all of its powdery glory. This tastes very much like the ISS Whey Matrix protein - go figure. I would consider this tastier than Body Fortress Vanilla, but not as good as Dymatize Cafe Mocha or Chocolate Mint; if you have any idea how those flavors rate in the hierarchy of things. I would also consider the taste better than that of ON Rocky Road, by a little.

Ease of Mixing - *cough* *hack* ...excuse me, but you'd understand my predicament better if you tried mixing this with a spoon. It's unfortunate really, but this well flavored little gainer is entirely ruined by clumping during mixing. It just seems far less tasty when it's exploding in your throat and deviating into your esophagus. If you've tried the ISS Whey Matrix, imagine the mixing issues there on steroids, and voila.

Value - Eh, you can find cheaper means of choking yourself. For instance, Ace usually has pretty good prices on concrete mix. Oh, the nutrition profile? Well, it has a bucket of maltodextrin, a variety of proteins, a little sugar and way too little fat. The variety of proteins is the only thing of significance here.

Overall, I wouldn't purchase this if I wasn't religious about my blender usage. Actually, if you noticed from my other reviews, I probably wouldn't purchase this at all. I would prefer this over Universal Real Gains if not for the mixing issues, but IDS Smart Gainer still reigns supreme over both of them.

Since this experience, I've thrown the trench coat in the closet, pawned off my fake designer shades to some poor chump and given my guns to those nice beggars who were kind enough to give me directions in South Chicago. Ah yes, it's time to move on to something bigger and better...
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