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C-AKG Powder (Olympian Labs) Creatine is a compound produced in the liver that supplies energy to muscle cells helping to power the muscles during workouts. Unfortunately, it only lasts for short bursts of time making supplementation important to optimize your workout gains.

When taken as a supplement, creatine may help increase both endurance and strength by increasing the availability of the cell's energy molecule, adenosine triphosphate (ATP). These actions make it possible to work out more intensely and intense workouts often result in increased lean muscle mass gains.

Alpha Ketoglutarate (AKG) combines with ammonia generated by intense muscle activity to create glutamine, an amino acid important for energy fuel and muscle recovery. AKG helps increase workout performance helping you archive the results you want from training.

OL has created C-AKG, an innovative formula that combines these two popular ingredients to give you the next generation of creatine supplements. It has an advantage over regular creatine because AKG is a Krebs* cycle intermediate meaning it can easily enter muscle cells and "piggyback" creatine directly into targeted muscle cells.

C-AKG is perfect for bodybuilders and power lifters, or any athlete looking to make gains in muscular size and strength. *The Krebs cycle is a complex series of chemical reactions that produces a compound rich in energy (ATP) that provides the energy required for synthesis of proteins from amino acids, etc.

Benefits of C-AKG Powder

Supports Maximum Performance & Increased Cellular Energy*
Promotes Muscle & Tissue Growth*
Increases Excercise Performace*
Supports Maximum Muscualr Size & Strength*


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