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Lean1TM is the natural choice for premium, on-the-go nutrition:

Supports Optimal Lean Muscles
Supports Enhanced Rate of Fat Loss
Provides Heart Healthy Protection
Helps Promote Healthy and Efficient Digestsion

Lean1TM lives up to its name as the Optimal Meal Replacement. This delicious shake provides you with every single nutrient your body needs to support vibrant health and vitality. Providing perfect nutritional balance and all-natural ingredients, Lean1 can help you shed unwanted fat, build & define lean muscle, protect your heart, and support healthy digestion.

Proprietary N53 Protein Blend Supports Optimal Growth of Lean Muscle - Recent research shows that the synergistic combination of nutrients found in the proprietary N53 Protein Blend may significantly enhance muscular recuperation and growth, while simultaneously inhibiting the breakdown of muscle protein. The net result - greater amounts of lean, functional muscle.

Supports Enhanced Rate of Fat Loss - The combined effects of Alpha Lipoic Acid, Hoodia gordonii extract and Green Coffee Bean extract have been shown in scientific studies to increase the rate of fat loss by up to 68%, significantly suppress appetite and food consumption, and enhance daily energy expenditure.

Helps Promote Healthy & Efficient Digestion - The abundant doses of both soluble and insoluble dietary fiber in Lean1 help keep your digestive tract clean and healthy; while inclusion of the patented Aminogen® proteolytic enzyme has been shown in company research to increase protein digestion, absorption and utilization by up to 250%.

Any way you shake it, it's easy to see that Lean1 offers the highest level of premium on-the-go nutrition available anywhere.

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