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Mass XXplosion is a "first in-class" product. In fact, Nutrex has been recognized for opening the nutrition window for promoting gains and improved recovery by the formulation of this "intraworkout" product. Mass XXplosion is the first product that can be ingested during a workout with the results being immediate and felt by the body for hours and days after the training session ends.*

Mass XXplosion provides all the necessary ingredients essential to producing optimal hypertrophy. When consumed during your workout each ingredient works in sync to supply your muscles with an anabolic pump that will have you growing in front of your very own eyes.* Feeding your muscles with this optimal combination of carbohydrates, amino acids and creatine during your workout will give you the strength and muscle gains you've been looking for.*

Blood is the transport vehicle
that supplies your muscles with everything they need. The more
nutrients you can pump into a muscle the more it will grow. In the past
athletes would consume pre- and post-workout products designed to take
advantage of the effects of training. They knew that a freshly trained
muscle engorged and filled with blood is ready to utilize extra
nutrients. However, by only consuming nutrients before or after
training they have been missing out on the best opportunity to feed a
muscle. The ideal time to shuttle vital anabolic nutrients into a
muscle is during exercise, when blood flow is at its highest.

Training a muscle provides the
extra blood flow you need. Now we have to supply this particular muscle with growth promoting nutrients by saturating our...
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Overall rating
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Like any financially strapped individual, you can only find me in GNC on two occasions - if I have a coupon for something free, or if it's the last week of the month, when everything is marked down. This time it was the latter, and I grabbed some Mass XXplosion for well below retail. Unfortunately, well below was a common theme, as the taste was borderline gross, the profile wasn't incredibly impressive and all that I could say that was positive was really that it mixed very well. Each serving contains 172 calories, with 30 g of carbs and 10 g of protein. It's a little heavy to be used intra-workout, as directed, so it may be better suited pre-workout, as it contains waxy maize, whey protein isolate, BCAAs and creatine. It's really not that great of a product, although you could use it during a super long run or bike ride, I guess. Just don't get the grape.
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