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Supremacy (Neogenix) Supremacy® is a synergistic matrix of specialized herbal extracts designed to optimize endogenous hormone levels for enhancing muscle growth while accelerating fat loss. This is systematically done by modulating estrogen levels, indirectly increasing testosterone production, freeing bound inactive testosterone, and reducing prolactin levels while improving nutrient utilization.

By optimizing hormone levels this way, we are able to positively influence the anabolic/catabolic ratios within your body. With this positive balance comes an environment where muscle builds faster and fat burns more efficiently. This allows Supremacy® to favorably augment body composition in the safest, most efficient way possible - naturally.

Users of Supremacy® may experience average muscle gains in excess of one pound of lean muscle mass per week with a noticeable loss of bodyfat occurring simultaneously. Best of all, this is accomplished without any negative impact on natural hormone production.

For maximum results, a dosing protocol of up the 8-weeks may be utilized by athletes wanting to experience the full muscle building/hormone optimizing potential only Supremacy® can provide!

Supremacy® Pro-Anabolic matrix consists of:

•  Urtica Dioica Lignan Complex contains an excellent testosterone optimizing compound called Conjugated (-)3,4-divanillyl-tetrahydrofuran. This produces a positive effect upon free/active circulating testosterone levels by unbinding bound inactive testosterone back it into circulation for use in the body, a natural reaction caused by any increase in testosterone levels. The result is more testosterone to bind to androgen receptors and produce a favorable response - muscle growth!

•  Cissus Quadrangularis Ketosterone Extract contains a unique blend of vitamins and minerals with a standardized amount of plant sterol compounds that has been shown to strengthen the tissues of the body. By using this high potency...
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