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No matter what your sport, your body needs carbohydrates to perform at the highest level. These nutrients provide the energy to blast through workouts as well as the fuel to replenish your muscles and maximize recovery and growth.*

THE PROBLEM: Fueling Your Body for Maximum Performance

But not just any carbohydrates are appropriate for optimum performance - simple sugars and other empty calories may give you an initial energy boost but will leave you sluggish shortly afterward. What your body really needs are complex carbohydrates that mimic the ease of absorption that comes with simple carbohydrates. But it can be nearly impossible to satisfy both parts of that nutritional equation. Despite the challenge, the experts at Nutrabolics were up to the task, and created the hybrid carbohydrate matrix of WAXYBOLIC.

THE SOLUTION: WAXYBOLIC Waxy Maize Carbohydrate Matrix

Unlike conventional food sources, WAXYBOLIC combines the sustained energy of complex carbohydrates with the rapid absorption of simple sugars, without the disadvantages associated with each.* With WAXYBOLIC, you won't worry about bloating or a rapid rise and fall of insulin levels - you'll be too busy shattering records and redefining limits.* Clinical trials have suggested that the key components of WAXYBOLIC may promote an ergogenic effect, allowing athletes to perform more work during exercise sessions (1).* The unique carbohydrate matrix delivers energy quickly, yet does not spike insulin.* The inclusion of Hydrolized Rice Syrup, which contains both short- and long-chain carbohydrates, is thought to support a powerful and sustained release.*

But the advantages of WAXYBOLIC don't end when your workout does. In fact, that's when the crucial second stage begins - recovery.* Failing to provide your muscles with the nutrients to refuel can negate all of your efforts in the gym. But with WAXYBOLIC, this will never be a...
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