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GlutaBolic (Nutrabolics) In the sports supplements market, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts are a tainted group of consumers. The industry rarely introduces new products that can produce dramatic and feel-able effects from the very first dose, such as energy or fat-burning products that contain stimulants. These products drive our expectations beyond normal boundaries and often skew our ability to give many valuable supplements a fair shot. Fortunately, science and experienced athletes have a way of creating certain "superstars" supplements, by endorsing the values from which everyone can benefit. One such supplement is Glutamine, which, for several years, has enjoyed its status as a must-have for anyone pursuing a better physique. Working with elite athletes, Nutrabolics researchers realized the bodybuilding value of Glutamine and set out to create a product that could deliver peak glutamine saturation in target tissues without rival. This goal was realized with the development of Glutabolic - a result-based product that incorporates the latest science has to offer to obtain the maximum effects of glutamine supplementation.

GLUTABOLIC TACTICS: Increase Whole Body Glutamine Status for Enhanced Muscle Recovery, Cell Volume and Healthy Immune Function

Glutamine, traditionally considered a non-essential amino acid, often finds itself classified under the "conditionally essential" column, especially when strenuous exercise is the condition. After a bout of strenuous exercise, the body's metabolic activity changes, triggering a cascade of events that warrant glutamine to surrender its non-essential status.

Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the muscle, but it isn't necessarily in the muscle where glutamine works its wonders. In fact, the muscle cell does not possess an import mechanism for glutamine; instead, intra-muscular glutamine, synthesized from ammonia and glutamic acid, serves as a storehouse for more important biological functions than directly affecting...
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