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Creakic Hardcore (MuscleTech) Bodybuilding is like a religion and you need to show the same dedication and devotion to your training, eating, sleeping and of course proper supplementing! It doesn’t matter if you train at home in the basement of your parents’ house or at the local gym, bodybuilding is your life!
CREAKIC® Hardcore – was developed to meet the needs of a true bodybuilder. For those that demand brutal force and extreme results CREAKIC Hardcore is for you!* Its molecularly engineered formula was designed with a specific purpose: to offset the destructive effects of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) on creatine transport, so that you can see explosive gains in muscle size and strength.*

CREAKIC Hardcore is designed to deactivate the harmful effects of ROS and create the perfect environment for maximum muscle creatine absorption, which means more muscle!*
CREAKIC Hardcore’s scientifically engineered blend is loaded with a precise dose of multiple forms of creatine, including creatine-6, 8-thioctic acid-ketoisocaproic acid and creatine pyruvate. These newly added creatines deliver an improved maximum-strength transport system, that may help you get more out of your creatine!*

Never heard of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS)? Let’s break it down. ROS are highly toxic molecules that can exist in your body in a variety of forms. These can include hypochlorous acid, superoxide anions, hydroxyl radicals, peroxynitrite, singlet oxygen and hydrogen peroxide. The devastating effects of ROS actually hit bodybuilders harder than your average couch potato. High levels of ROS are elevated even further every time you blast through a workout. This could slow the progress of the hard-trainer because ROS greatly weakens the integrity of the muscle membrane, causing cell receptor function to be disrupted. Disrupting cell receptor function can impair muscle creatine uptake and severely limit muscle growth.

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