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Pro M3 (ISS Research)
  • The most unique blend of 3 proteins!
  • Whey protein, casein protein, egg albumen.
  • 50 grams protein per serving!
  • Only 2 grams sugar per serving!
  • No oils or corn syrup!
  • No mono or diglycerides!
  • Mixes instantly!

    ProM3, providing a blend of 3 proteins that are fast acting, most absorbing and free of all the things your body doesn't need! How important is building fat free muscle mass! ProM3 is a protein powder like no other. It contains a revolutionary blend of 3 proteins: whey, casein and egg albumen.

    ProM3 packs a powerful 50 grams of protein per serving that mixes instantly with a spoon! ProM3's unique blend contains whey protein, which is a fast acting protein that delivers amino acids immediately. Amino acids are nature's building blocks, responsible for muscle growth and repair. Casein protein is included because it is the perfect compliment to whey, supplying amino acids to the muscles at a slower, more sustainable rate. Pure, fat free egg albumen protein provides the third source of muscle building aminos. Egg albumen reaches the blood slower than whey, though quicker than casein, acting as a bridge uniting the two, providing a continuous influx of clean, filler-free protein for hard training athletes. In addition to modulating the speed and time of amino acid delivery, ProM3 is enriched with ISSOE3, a unique and natural enzyme complex that enhances protein absorption. Upon digestion, proteins are disassembled into small molecules called di-peptides, a link of two individual amino acids. ISSOE3 facilitates the dispersion of larger protein molecules into di-peptides making it easier for muscles to put aminos to work.

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    Overall rating
    Mixes well
    Value for money
    ISS ProM3 is a truly advance protein. It mixes egg albumen, whey protein, and casein protein allowing for protein to penetrate more effectively. In three scoops you get about 50 grams of protein and it only contains 2 grams of sugar. The product mixes pretty good in a shaker except for some miner particles floating about. The taste is decent, but does not blow you out the water. It taste nice, but the particles that you taste that does not help the superior ingredient profile it has. It also contains a special enzyme blend that makes protein absorption much better for muscles that need recovery. The price is nice in that you get 16 servings for 29.99 on one site or you can use it at two scoops of day before bed. I prefer using it right before bed. Overall, this product is rated middle of the road in regards to protein powders.
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