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MVP-365 (Millennium Sport Technologies) MVP-365 is an athletes most complete multiple vitamin and is formulated specifically for the high performance nutritional and energy needs of the bigger, stronger and faster. MVP-365 incorporates the most bioavailable forms of vitamins & nutrients including a high potency co-enzymal b-complex, mineral ascorbate vitamin-c, Krebs cycle intermediates & mineral chelates, adaptogens, greens, high potency food sourced antioxidants & phytonutrients. MVP-365 provides optimal nutrient support and protection to combat daily stress and exercise induced free radical damage caused by intense training.

Complete Multi-Vitamin
Maximize Energy
Co-Enzyme B-Complex
Mineral Ascorbates
High ORAC Antioxidants
Krebs Mineral Chelates
Krebs Cycle Intermediates
Maximize Recovery

We all strive to eat for optimal health & performance but it's becoming harder and harder to gain and maintain proper nutritional stasis in this day and age. This is due to our overly stressful, high pace lifestyles & environmental pollutants robbing our bodies of vital nutrients. Combine that with the lack of nutrients obtained from our food due to soil depletion and we as athletes are at a major nutritional disadvantage.

Many top sport nutritionists agree that even if you eat a 100% organic diet you may still be nutrient deficient and require supplementation. Think of MVP-365 as the first piece to your Foundation of Health, your insurance policy if you will.

Let's examine what sets MVP-365 apart from the competition.

Co-Enzyme B Vitamins provide the highest bioavailability and energy production efficiency of all forms of B's. In order for various forms of B vitamins to be properly absorbed they require conversion into their active co-enzyme forms. Co-enzyme Bs do not require conversion and are shuttled directly to their target sites in their active form. This means more valuable B vitamins are absorbed and utilized for maximum cellular energy...
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