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Glutamine-SR (MHP) Breakthrough findings in glutamine absorption prompt a revolutionary invention. MHP Glutamine-SR is a breakthrough in Glutamine Absorption.* Time release formula ensures distribution to muscle tissue over 12 hours. The Micro-Feed Technology also increases bio-availability and utilization of L-Glutamine by providing a controlled steady supply for 12 straight hours.* This supply and replenishment of Glutamine supports an anabolic muscle building state and prevents catabolism.*

The Problem

60% of your muscle tissue is made up of Glutamine. Strenuous exercise depletes Glutamine stores at a faster rate than they can be replenished.
70% of the regular Glutamine powder you consume is utilized by the stomach and the intestines, leaving only 30% available to feed muscle tissue.*
Ingested Glutamine is utilized quickly, leaving you in a catabolic (muscle wasting state).

Based on these facts, the Glutamine you are taking right now may not be providing the anabolic muscle building environment needed to build rock hard muscle and improve recovery. 70% of it never reaches muscle tissue and 90% of it is gone in 1 hour, leaving you with a low dosed short supply of Glutamine. The end result is very little anabolic activity and can actually lead to catabolic muscle wasting because you're relying on your glutamine supplement to supply and replenish the glutamine needed and it just isn't delivering.

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