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A-Bomb (MHP) A-Bomb is, without question, one of the most exciting developments in the science of muscle growth. It is formulated to trigger your genetic muscle building machinery from multiple pathways and synergistic anabolic actions.* A-Bomb's ingredients are suggested to work at the DNA level through non-hormonal signal transduction by manipulating key muscle growth regulators.* A-Bomb promotes this process through two critical pathways. The first pathway is the 'nutrient dependent pathway', in which A-Bomb uses specific amino acids and nutrients to support signaling through pathways traditionally triggered by hormones.*

The second pathway is the 'insulin dependent pathway'. Simultaneously promoting these pathways allows for gene activation at the DNA level to ‘turn on' the muscle building process.* A-Bomb even goes a step further to improve muscle gene activation through the support of your DNA's central control system.*

Induced Muscle Hypertrophy!

A-BOMB promotes muscle hypertrophy through a very powerful anabolic mechanism called Intracellular Osmolarity (IO), which creates an anabolic reaction within the muscle cell.* Interestingly, Intracellular Osmolarity works both independently as well as synergistically to mTOR signal transduction.* So, not only is Intracellular Osmolarity anabolic in itself, it may also enhance gene expression.*

Continuous infusion fuels muscle growth long after your workout with a patented 12 hour metered dose technology.* In order to make huge, steady gains in muscle mass, you need to remain in an anabolic/anti- catabolic state. MHP's R&D team has developed a 12 Hour Metered Dose Technology that mimics the IV Continuous Infusion Technique used by biotech companies to elicit the best anabolic response and stimulate muscle growth.* The 12 Hour Metered Dose Technology in A-BOMB may support an anabolic muscle building state.*

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