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Overall rating
Recovery ability
Value for money
Potassium...not too much to say about it really, but I feel it deserves some credit.

Recovery Ability - I was experiencing 3-4 calf cramps per week, with some of these being multiple calf cramps. These always happened at night, and nothing really seemed to help them. I decided to purchase some potassium at Wal-Mart in hopes of it doing something. I've been taking it [99mg] the past few weeks every night before bed, and I've not had a single cramp during that time. Consequently, I no longer wake up with sore calves in the morning.

Value - These pills I purchased only cost $3-4.00 at the local Wal-Mart. I no longer have terribly rude awakenings accompanied by some fairly unpleasant pain.

This is honestly one of the few supplements that I can say was worth every penny, and it doesn't even cost many pennies at all. If you suffer from night time cramps, check into taking this prebed.
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