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180 Coated Tablets
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180 Coated Tablets
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180 Coated Tablets
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Xtreme Nitro Pump NOS (Met-Rx) MET-Rx Xtreme Nitro Pump NOS is a superior vaso-flow booster
that's hardcore and laboratory tested. It contains Arginine, an amino acid that can serve as a precursor for the formation of nitric oxide.
Nitric Oxide helps support muscles and circulation of oxygen and other critical nutrients. An advanced time-release delivery system is added to further facilitate continual absorption of Arginine into the blood stream. Dietary intake is important for plasma Arginine levels, so if you're serious about your commitment to hardcore fitness, it's important to supplement every day.

Contains Arginine, an amino acid that can serve as a precursor for the formation of Nitric Oxide.
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