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Power Carb (Labrada) What is Power Carb™?
Power Carb™ is Labrada Nutrition's Designer Carb™, a functional carbohydrate "superfood" engineered to rapidly replenish muscle glycogen, promote increased nutrient uptake, and enhance muscular function.* Power Carb™ is a nutritional breakthrough that will forever change the way Labrada Nutrition helps you fuel your muscles.

What Can Power Carb™ Do For Me?
Power Carb™ may support massively increased glycogen stores inside your muscles at a rate faster than pasta, rice, or bread.* And because every gram of glycogen pushed into muscles pulls in 4 grams of water, you can expect added support to help your muscles fully hydrate, with your skin pulled tightly around them, which may promote a more muscular appearance!*

How Does Power Carb™ Work?
Power Carb™ is a homopolysaccharide (homogenous, relatively-complex carbohydrate) made up of thousands of monosaccharides (sugar molecules) joined together by glycosidic bonds to form branched macromolecules (large molecules.) The molecular mass (molecule size and weight) of Power Carb™ has been engineered to support gastric transit through the stomach at a rate much greater than common carbohydrates such as maltodextrins, breads, pasta, or rice.*

Power Carb™ is produced from natural complex carbohydrate sources using a newly developed, patent pending "Enzymatic Milling Process."

Power Carb™ is SUGAR-FREE, easily digestible and is absorbed very quickly!*

How Should I Use Power Carb™?
Use Power Carb™ before, during and right after training to boost energy, prevent the onset of fatigue, and then jumpstart the glycogen recharging process to shorten your post workout recovery time. Power Carb™ works equally well, whether you are a strength or endurance athlete! Power Carb™ is excellent for athletes who have multiple training sessions per day - use it to rapidly increase muscle glycogen, promote...
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