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ZMA PM (Kaizen) What is it?
KAIZEN ZMA PMTM is a non-steroidal, all-natural dietary supplement clinically proven to increase free testosterone levels and strength in training athletes, without the undesirable side-effects. Reports have shown athletes taking ZMA PMTM to have increased physical endurance, a decrease in muscle cramps and strains, from injuries, improved mental concentration and alertness, decreased water retention, and deeper more restful sleep.

KAIZEN ZMA PMTM contains a powerful component called 20-Hydroxyecdysone, which is a naturally occurring anabolic compound. Hydroxyecdysone has shown to greatly accelerate protein synthesis. It has been tested against the strongest anabolic steroid, Dianabol, and the results concluded that both had equivalent anabolic activity. The only difference was 20-Hydroxyecdysone stimulated fast-twitch muscle fibers where the Dianabol did not. Fast-twitch muscle fibers have a greater potential for growth and power than slow-twitch muscle fibers.

KAIZEN ZMA PMTM contains a unique combination of Zinc and Magnesium ingredients plus Vitamin B6, which was specifically designed to improve Zinc and Magnesium status in training athletes and to enhance muscle strength, endurance, recovery and growth.

Zinc increases testosterone levels and promotes anabolic muscle growth and repair. Zinc deficiency has been linked to increased estrogen levels, and may alter sex hormone receptors. Zinc with Vitamin B6 inhibits the production of DHT.

Magnesium is a major mineral that is essential for the production of energy by both aerobic and anaerobic metabolism. A deficiency in magnesium can cause muscle weakness and cramps. Studies have shown pre-competition magnesium supplementation in bodybuilders helped reduce muscle spasms and cramps. Magnesium supplementation has also been shown to increase muscle strength.

Zinc absorption is increased by amino acids and when taken on an empty stomach, and decreased by calcium, iron, manganese,...
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