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Whey Protein (Jay Robb) Our all new Cross-Flow Microfiltered and Ion-Exchange Whey Protein powder is the ultimate! We have left this product simple and natural, so that you can buy the highest quality and best tasting whey protein available anywhere in the world! If you don't think our Whey Protein to be the absolute best tasting (natural) whey product ever developed, then we will refund you the price of the product! You've got nothing to lose! Mixes in water with a few turns of a spoon, or a quick shake in a shaker bottle. Beware of most protein powders on the market! Many of these formulas contain cheaper proteins, as well as tons of SUGAR, and refined carbohydrates in the form of fructose, glucose, and maltodextrin as well as fake sugars chemically developed such as Aspartame and Splenda just to name a few.

When you buy protein, you want protein, not sugar, chemicals and cheap fillers. Our delicious Whey Protein contains only 3.5 grams of naturally occuring carbohydrate and delivers 23 grams of first class protein per 1 oz. serving. It is always optimum (as indicated by our exclusive recipes) to use a blender and mix your protein powder with flax seed oil and a small amount of carbohydrate from strawberries or other low carbohydrate fruits. If you mix our Whey Protein with water in a shaker bottle, eat a few almonds or raw nuts with the drink to make it a complete meal that provides fat and protein. Fat Free! Mixes With a Spoon in Seconds! 23 Grams of Protein Per Ounce! Low Carbohydrate No Aspartame! Low Lactose!
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